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Vibrant Bouquet

Deep Plates (Pack of 6)


About this item

● Diameter: 9.06 inches
● Height : 0.71 inches
● Set of 6 deep plates.
● Double glazed for durability.
● Features a mix of vibrant red and blue colors with a Pakistani Truck art pattern.
● Dishwasher safe, heat resistant, food safe, and freezer safe.


Vibrant Bouquet Deep Plates: Infuse Your Table with Elegance

Elevate your dining experience with our Vibrant Bouquet Deep Plates, a set of 6 beautifully crafted dishes that bring a burst of color and sophistication to your table. These plates measure 9 inches in diameter and are made from premium Stone Lain Melamine, showcasing a striking floral design in vivid red, blue, and black hues.


Bold Floral Beauty for a Captivating Dining Experience

The eye-catching floral pattern of these deep plates becomes the centerpiece of any table setting, enhancing your meals with its dynamic and elegant design. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a casual meal with loved ones, these plates are sure to make a statement.


Generous Size and Versatility

Each plate offers ample space with its 9-inch diameter, making it ideal for serving a variety of dishes. From hearty entrees to fresh salads, these deep plates adapt seamlessly to your culinary needs, providing the perfect backdrop for your favorite meals.


Transform Your Table with a Vibrant Bouquet

Introduce a touch of vibrant elegance to your dining table with the Vibrant Bouquet Deep Plates. Add these captivating plates to your collection for a stunning, sophisticated dining experience that impresses every time. Enjoy the beautiful presentation they bring to your meals.


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