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Black Melamine Dinner Set

3 Types of Serving Sizes

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Patex plates are likely to be durable, made from sturdy materials that can withstand regular use without easily chipping, cracking, or breaking.


Black Melamine Dinner Set: Elevate Your Dining Experience

Upgrade your dining experience with our Black Melamine Dinner Set, offering the perfect blend of sophistication, durability, and functionality. Available in various configurations to suit your needs, each set is meticulously crafted from premium melamine and features a sleek black design that complements any table setting.


Configurations for Your Convenience

Choose from three dinner set options tailored to accommodate your specific serving needs:

  • 4-Person Set (18 pieces): Includes 4 rice plates, 4 flat plates, 4 sweet bowls, 1 donga with cover, 1 rice dish, 1 qorma, 1 palta, and 1 open bowl. Ideal for intimate gatherings and everyday meals.
  • 6-Person Set (30 pieces): Offers 6 rice plates, 6 deep plates, 6 flat plates, 6 sweet bowls, 1 donga with cover, 1 rice dish, 1 qorma, 1 palta, and 1 open bowl. Perfect for small dinner parties and family meals.
  • 8-Person Set (43 pieces): The most comprehensive set, featuring 8 rice plates, 8 deep plates, 8 flat plates, 8 sweet bowls, 2 dongas with covers, 2 rice dishes, 2 qormas, 2 paltas, and 1 open bowl. Excellent for larger gatherings and special occasions.


Meticulously Crafted for Longevity

Each piece in our Black Melamine Dinner Set is designed with a double-glazed finish, ensuring resilience against scratches and chips. This means you can enjoy their sleek, elegant appearance meal after meal.


Versatility Meets Elegance

The sleek black color of each item adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your dining table, making every meal a stylish affair. Whether it’s a formal dinner party or a casual meal with loved ones, these sets enhance any dining occasion.


Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your dinner set in pristine condition is a breeze thanks to the easy-to-clean surfaces. Wash them by hand with mild soap and water or use the dishwasher for a quick, convenient cleanup.


Upgrade Your Tableware Collection Today

Choose the perfect set for your dining needs and add a touch of sophistication to your table with the Black Melamine Dinner Set. Discover the ideal combination of style, durability, and practicality for every meal. Elevate your dining experience with this elegant addition to your tableware collection.

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4 Person serving Dinner Set = 18 PCS, 6 Person serving Dinner Set = 30 PCS, 8 Person serving Dinner Set = 43 PCS


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